23.09.2007 scrabble. origin: mid 16th cent.(in the sense [make marks at random, scrawl] ): from middle dutch schrabbelen, frequentative of schrabben ‘to scrape.’ the noun sense [struggle to achieve something] is originally a north american usage dating from the late 18th cent.
09.03.2007 a new magne f art site is now online!
10.04.2006 check out the new official magne f myspace site!
08.06.2005 included 2 more fan contributions + 8 feet.
04.05.2005 lots of new words added.
11.04.2005 I wish this website would just explode...
11.04.2005 2cU shine, the new single will be released in the uk on May 2nd.
15.03.2005 visit magne-f.co.uk for the official uk website
15.03.2005 a couple of links added + our apologies to those of you who haven't been able to find the lyrics for the album. here they are.
14.03.2005 the single "kryptonite" is released in the UK today.
22.02.2005 added another coversong + an unhealthy amount of new links.
07.02.2005 a zillion pics (2 places) + 5 new links added.
03.02.2005 r.i.p. guestbook, long live the new forum!
27.01.2005 buy tickets for the cobden gig at the new magne f uk website (by private and confidential records).
26.01.2005 the first cover-song is here, namely "Badly Painted Farmer's Fence" + even more stuff uploaded.
26.01.2005 kryptonite, the video + more stuff uploaded.
26.01.2005 the gig on february 16 will take place at the cobden club, london. tickets will be on sale through a special website announced soon...
25.01.2005 Check catstevens.com
24.01.2005 2 new links added (which includes some animation...)
21.01.2005 tickets for sunkissed, fabric, march 3rd here.
20.01.2005 this just in! there will be special gig for the fans in London on february 16th. after doing a closed small gig at the groucho club 3 days ago, this will be a fullblown live-set open for our dear fans. more info coming soon.
20.01.2005 The biggest gathering ever of Norwegian artists outside Norway will take place at Fabric in London on March 3rd. Magne f and his band will be there. And so will you.
11.01.2005 magne f will play at stratos, oslo thursday 13th of january. this is part of dugnad.net, an initiative to support the tsunami-victims.
23.12.2004 from all of us to all of you...the perfect gift for lost surfers: we bring you highlighted links! but remember, x-mas doesn't last forever.
08.12.2004 a hanoi diary (in retrospect) with 50 pictures is now online for your enjoyment!
08.12.2004 point you browser to a-ha.com if a signed copy of "past perfect future tense" interests you. but don't be late, only a few copies are available...
08.12.2004 hi there! we have not forgotten about you - but added this link (which sort of explains why there have been no updates here lately)
05.11.2004 one link added and one changed (those silly horses are gone) + livepage updated
31.10.2004 check out this long interview with magne in hot rod magazine!
20.10.2004 head over to a-ha.com for a fresh interview with magne f by furu m
16.10.2004 3 new links added
08.10.2004 there will be a gig at The Venue in Edinburgh [Scotland] on the 8th of November. update: this gig is definitely going to happen!
08.10.2004 hundreds of pictures of you uploaded!
08.10.2004 for those of you able to receive norwegain TV2, you can watch magne f performing "kryptonite" live at senkveld tonight 22.20
07.10.2004 added 2 new links, more poems and a bunch of new photos
05.10.2004 magne's other website has been launched
01.10.2004 rare remix is available for download
30.09.2004 magne f "payne's grey" (the book) can now be yours by ordering from hatje cantz
29.09.2004 loads of pictures added (in two different places)
29.09.2004 new stuff added
28.09.2004 if you live in europe, you can order the album from cdon.com
21.09.2004 people in the western part of norway can enjoy magne f live in bergen at den nationale scene, sunday october 17. more info here
21.09.2004 live-pictures added
17.09.2004 magne f is ready for his first london-gig at nottinghill arts club, thursday 23.09
17.09.2004 the video for "past perfect future tense" is now online!
10.09.2004 magne f will do his first gig at henie onstad kunstsenter friday september 17 at 20.30 buy your ticket here
06.09.2004 website launched